I will stop the finger pointing and put an end to inmate escapes, accidental prisoner releases, jail deaths and suicides.

Since being elected, the incumbent sheriff has stood by and blamed others for his own mismanagement of the Bexar County sheriff’s office and jail. I will use my experience transforming and modernizing the Bexar County Clerk’s Office to restore competent leadership to the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.

With your vote, I will:

  • Hire a command staff of law enforcement and jail administration professionals to manage the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office
  • Eliminate dangerous errors and costly overtime expenses by properly manage BCSO resources
  • Maximize all available deputy manpower by hiring the best potential recruits to fill BCSO’ 238 current deputy vacancies

Salazar Scorecard

“If he was a hired employee, he (Salazar) would not be running the jail.”

County Judge Nelson Wolff


  • Accepted and kept a $45,000 campaign contribution given to him by a vendor under indictment for felony bribery of a police chief in San Angelo
  • Bexar County Jail again failed inspection by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards in February 2019 and remained out of compliance during more than half of Salazar’s tenure
  • 16 mistaken jail inmate releases
  • 9 inmate deaths
  • 3 inmate suicides
  • $10 million dollars in overtime expenses due to staff mismanagement

“I’ve never apologized for doing my job and I’m not going to stop now.”

Sheriff Javier Salazar


  • Bexar County Jail failed inspection by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards in April 2018 after the escape of 3 capital murderers.
  • Escape by 3 capital murderers awaiting trial on the killings of 6 victims including 1 child, occurs in broad daylight, in front of the jail, using knotted bed sheets. The Texas Commission on Jail Standards documented that Salazar’s office knew 3 months in advance of the escape plan and still failed to prevent it.
  • 5 inmate deaths
  • 1 suicide
  • Lack of recruiting by BCSO and staffing mismanagement leads to deputy vacancies, forcing a second required overtime shift per week